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5 Seminar Room Design Tips For Corporates

5 Seminar Room Design Tips For Corporates

There are several elements that will need to be considered before designing the perfect conference space – What will it mostly be used for? How many people will be using it? What type of technology is necessary?

Listed below are five conference room design tips that can allow you to design the perfect meeting room space.

1.) Location

The location of the conference room is important.
It needs to be centrally located so all workers can easily achieve it, but it can not be in a noisy area, for example, next to the cafeteria, where meetings might get disrupted.
The location also depends on the number of folks who will be using the conference room. If your client calls for a big area that matches 16 people vs just eight people, you’ll have to find/build an area that’s big enough to fit all those people comfortably.

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2.) Modern Furniture

Naturally, the number of individuals who will use the conference room affects the length of the table you are going to need to buy.
You can either go with a traditional boardroom table which runs down the center of the room, a U-shaped table that promotes easier involvement with all the presenters of this assembly, or a collaborative work desk that helps workers to work together more efficiently.
The design you choose largely depends on what the conference area will mostly be used for, so be sure to discuss it with your client ahead.

3.) Lighting

If you would like to nail your seminar room design, you’ll need to offer the right sort of lighting.
Generally speaking, natural lighting is always favored over artificial lighting. As such, you need to make sure that the windows are covered with blinds or shades to block out sunlight glare during demonstrations.
Apart from organic light, you will also include artificial lighting in your conference room layout. When doing so, avoid using overhead lighting if possible. Task lighting functions better and is easier on the eyes.

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4.) Technology

Office Technolgy
All modern conference room designs include engineering.
We rely on projectors, screens, smartboards, and all sorts of audio and video conferencing gadgets.
The positioning of screens and smart boards play an important part in a comfortable meeting experience. Measure the right distance between the display and the viewer, and keep in mind all the accessories, cables (that is going to need to be concealed ) and speakers that will also have to be set up.

5.) Decor

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The decor of the conference room must be in line with the rest of the construction.
If the company you are designing for is a technician startup with young professionals, you can be a little more playful and creative with your seminar room design.
If you are designing for a law firm at which lawyers use the conference room to meet with clients, you’ll need to go for a more conservative and elegant-looking layout.

In the conclusion of the afternoon, conference room layout and decoration must align with the company as a whole and should be based on the primary use of the space. You can use expert best Office Interior Designers in Delhi to design seminar rooms and to show your customers 3D renderings of this room to seal the deal.

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