woodcraftint floor styles and ideas

floor styles and design ideas

Best floor styles and design ideas that will help you to choose right one for your home and office floor


How can you find the best design and inspiration ideas for floors?

Before deciding anything you have to consider many things like price, your local climate and etc. you also have to keep in your mind this thing that every room require a different type of flooring like in bathroom and kitchen there should not be a slippery floor. that is why floor styles and design ideas is important

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Which types of floors are popular in the world?

1. Tile flooring

floor style and design ideas

There are many famous and popular floors on global like a laminate floor, tile floor, vinyl and wood floor and many more. If you will go with tile floor then maybe you want it for many years. You might have noticed that tile floors are longer than other floors comparatively laminate or carpets floors. Tile color and shining do not fade soon like others. The tile floor will be a good option if you have a tight budget.

2. wood flooring

floor style and design ideas

Some homeowners elect wood floors because the wood floor recognized by their durability. The wood floor is one of the most expensive materials so consider it as a long term investment and wood floor maintenance is also expensive. So choose wisely which type of floor do you need?

One more advantage of wood floors is that it has a good appearance and whenever you want to change the design and color of your floor you can do it easily by painted or varnished instead of changed.

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Laminating floors are easily created and recreate in different styles and it’s also not that much expensive as wood floors are and it’s also easy to install you can do it very easily. Laminating floors have more life than any other floors have. And one more reason to choose laminate floor is that it’s easy to clean it.

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Vinyl flooring is similar to laminate flooring as both are water resistant and easy to clean. But in this flooring, it is required that it must be glued directly to the floor, with creating an extra layer and it’s also a good mattress against noise which makes it very useful for apartments because there is too much sound vinyl floor are only available in rolls and pieces. In addition, there is much design like imitations of wood or ceramics.

How to create different styles of floors?

For modern style, many prefer to use wooden or neutral colors for floors like grey, brown and white. When you have a foundation for the design of your floor you can easily enhance the style by harmonising with the walls and furnishing. Minimalist style is similar to the modern style in that it is simply plain and amazing. although the typical choice for a rustic look is a wooden floor many prefer ceramic tile floors as they are cheaper and don’t run the risk of a termite infestation.






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