7 Best Interior Decoration Tips for a Rented Apartment to Make It Feel like Home

In today’s fast-moving working environment, it is common to change jobs that need you to change your city or location. In such cases, you might opt for a rental home. It not only offers you the flexibility to quickly pack your stuff and move on but also you can stay away from the property tax and high repair and maintenance costs.

But a rented home has its own limitations. Limited space, dull wall finish and colors, improper lighting, and interiors can make you feel bored. Additionally, you cannot alter some designs as it is not your own space.

However, these restrictions should not stop you from creating a fantastic rented home that suits your taste. A slight touch of imagination and ideas can change your dull rented house into a paradise.

Try following 7 clever and budget interior decoration tips to mark a significant change to your temporary home.

1. Try new lighting fixtures:

Proper lighting is one of the most important feel-good factors of a lively home. Usually, rented apartments only have white fluorescent lightings, which cannot create a good vibe. Gloomy corners and monotonous tube lights are not enough to make a difference.

Try some modern chandeliers and pendants or antique lamps to set the proper mood of the room. Place it perfectly to make it the focal point. You can use fantastic sculpture pieces or standing table lamps if the re-wiring is impossible. When you invest a little in lighting, you will see a complete change with refined looks.

2. Use new drapery that suits your taste:

Appropriate doors and window curtains, rugs, and carpets can create magic. It is better to go for customized curtains that complement the furniture and wall paintings rather than using regular pieces. This will create uniqueness in the room. Use dual curtains to give a modern look and allow natural light to illuminate the corners of your rented apartment.

3. Use Some New Furniture

Every home has its own design and architecture, and not every piece of furniture suits these designs. Moreover, someone may like modern pieces or antique wooden furniture. You must have your own choice. A small investment in good furniture can add beauty to your rented apartment.

Try some foldable furniture to utilize the space. Foldable study and dining tables, sofa-cum-bed, and murphy beds are great in terms of space saving and also add beauty to the space. Additionally, use modular storage units, which really help to keep your home neat and clean.


4. Use wallpaper to fit the new theme:

A wall of your choice is a great idea to create a positive vibe. It breaks the monotony. And there is no need to burn your pocket. Use affordable wallpapers which are easy to remove. Create a textured wall behind your sofa or TV unit. You can try wallpapers with vibrant colors and creatively designed patterns to give a complete makeover to the walls in your rented apartment.  

5. Customize the walls with art and pictures:

When you see the happy faces of your family and friends around you, even a rented apartment feels like your home. Adorn your wall with beautiful photographs of your favorite outings, hang some beautiful memories on the wall and see how you smile. Use different geometries to make a collage, frame it beautifully, and place it on the matching wall. This will definitely uplift your space.

6. Place indoor plants:

To transform your boring rental place, having some indoor plants is a must. It gives green vibes and brings positive energy to your home. There are several spots where you can place indoor plants. Use your terrace, partitions, windows, corners, and study tables to splash some green shades. There are plants that act as air purifiers, which you can use accordingly. Keep in mind, placing the right plant in the right place gives a perfect look to your stay.

7. Recreate your terrace or balcony:

For everyone, a terrace or balcony is a place to relax and rejuvenate. Make sure you work on this space. A minor makeover, like creating a green space, artificial grass floor, colourful carpet, a cozy swing, or a rocking chair, can surely convert your monotonous balcony into an oasis.

Wherever you are staying, there should be a feel-good factor there. When you return from a hectic schedule, a beautiful home surely helps you to rejuvenate. You do not need to buy expensive things, only some sensible components can make magic for you.

Unwind your creativity and experiment with the above-mentioned decoration tips for a rented apartment to make your rental home a paradise. Or connect with one of the top home interior designers in Delhi NCR or any other experienced one nearby you for a complete makeover of your apartment. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards your happy rented home!

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