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Windows are an important aspect of interior designs which can make or break a space. Window treatments can be functional, purely decorative or a balance between the two, depending on one’s preferences and taste. These treatments have their own advantages and disadvantages with respect to privacy, blocking light, and adding aesthetic value to a room.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made of wood, metal or plastic and have horizontal slats. These blinds can be sized to fit most windows, and they offer varying privacy levels. They are suspended by cords which help all slats in unison to be rotated through nearly 180 degrees. The only disadvantage is the horizontal slats do collect dust and won’t fully block light in bedrooms.

Light-filtering curtains

If one is lacking on windows, they can go for light filtering curtains. These curtains are heavier than sheers and offer privacy along with helping to keep the room from feeling too closed off. Light filtering curtains can be made using different fabrics making them versatile for many design styles.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can be used as they have the best light-blocking power. They can be used by people who prefer dark bedrooms as the decorative fabric lined with another heavy fabric keeps out light and helps to insulate the room against heat and cold coming in from the window.


Shutters are typically made out of wood and can be painted or stained to match the room aesthetics. They can be used in the living spaces as they don’t completely block light when closed and can be swung open for an unobstructed view. The classic white shutters help to complement the monochromatic color scheme and contemporary style of the sofa and coffee table.

Roman shades

Roman shades can help to make a space feel more personalized and refined if it already has blinds. They are often made of fabric but can also be made with other materials such as bamboo. Roman shades add a fun bit of color and block out light to allow some privacy. They can also be used to add patterns to a room and allows for an easy-breezy feel and minimalist look.

Curtains on a double rod

Double layers of curtains with the pattern and fabrics help to make the room feel polished and complete. It offers a lot of versatility and can be achieved using a thicker and more decorative curtain material for the outer rod and hanging sheers on the inner rod. They also assure maximum privacy and light blocking.

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Curtains and blinds

The curtains and blinds provide options similar to using curtains on a double rod and both can be used to create the blackout in the room. Adding both the elements together helps to dress up the blinds and soften their harsh lines in a space. This option is good for creating different light and privacy conditions in a bedroom.

Solar shades

Harmful UV rays fade furnishings. The Custom interior solar shades for windows increase the home’s energy efficiency and also help to decrease energy cost. These solar shades are specifically made with fabric that will block light and protect from UV rays. They have a variety of options ranging from some light-blocking ability to full blackout.


A valance is a short piece of fabric which can be hung just across the top of a window to add softness, color, and pattern to the window treatment. It helps to allow lots of sight into the room while maintaining privacy. Island-Style Valances help in creating the feel of a tropical cabana no matter where you are with a coral valance.

Window tier

Window tier covers the lower portion of the window or the entire window and are essentially the opposite of the valances. They are usually used for decoration, but offer some privacy depending on the window height as it keeps the lower part of the room (above the dining table, or in the bedroom) private.

Full Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

These curtains are often used from a design standpoint to add some drama and help in contributing to the sense of fullness, warmth, and energy to the room. They can be used for framing a beautiful view out the window and they are ideal for glass doors. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains help if one wants to add a little more depth and dimension to the room.

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