Did you know that the kitchen trends are changing yet again? New color palettes, unique designs and exquisite elements are in the market you should own while redoing your kitchen. Woodcraft International, the leading interior designing company in India, is here with the latest trends you are looking for your kitchen - with a small guide from what you need in the kitchen upto how you can redesign your kitchen to be more colorful. Today, with the changing trends in the market, colors are back in fashion. Navy, taupe, beige, green and all sorts of color palettes are in for changing your kitchen. The minimalist concept still being kept intact it seems that the color white is no longer the go to color. We, at Woodcraft International - currently the best Interior Design Company in Delhi, are going to give you 6 amazing kitchen design insights to redo or create a whole new kitchen:

Khaki colored Ceramic tiles palette

Going with deep red cabinetry, khaki colored ceramic brick tiles and a touch of dark grey countertops gives your kitchen a red palette highlight with a chic look. It makes the interior design of your kitchen space bold, stylish and bright with a unique outstanding ambience. This color palette can be combined with subtle one colored floral or patterned wallpapers on one of the walls to highlight the red color of the cabinets.

The modern farmhouse style:

The sage green shade cabinets add a refreshing pop of color in contrast to the bright white ceiling and warm wood accents. You can keep your minimalist concept intact and yet adding a pastel color will brighten up your kitchen space giving it a country side look - rusty yet classy. Sage green color shade is a very trendy one for kitchens. It is a fresh and a calming colour which will give your kitchen a natural and neutral look that you’ll continue to love for years to come. There are lots of ways you can create a sage green kitchen colour scheme, from your walls to your cupboards upto your kitchen equipment. Since it is a lighter shade, your white color will go with it without dominating other colored elements in the space. This works well in small kitchens making them feel bigger than they are. For larger kitchens, it helps to create more light and airy spaces giving a warm and welcoming feel.

The Teal Kitchen

The best way to add the teal color in your kitchen space is by coloring the cabinets in the kitchen with teal color by keeping the countertops in a constant light grey or cream color - mostly made of marble. You can then design your kitchen with a complementary yellow color which will act as an accent color to highlight your main teal colored shade. This combination helps to add life to your kitchen space making it look bright and fresh at any time of the day however messy it may be.

Yellow it up

Choosing the yellow color is difficult for the whole kitchen since it often comes out to be very bold and is used mostly as an addition to the primary color or as an accent color to make unique additions. But a yellow-colored kitchen can add an unexpected warmth to your space giving you a cottage style home feel. When you don’t have access to much natural light in your kitchen space, choosing yellow color can add visual warmth to your space.

Beauty of Navy and Beige

Beige and navy cabinets can be combined with an ease to add up for modular designs with a great value. You can also add a pink accent wall to create effects in the kitchen design. As the bold design juggles multiple colors, Woodcraft International suggests it’s better to keep the kitchen styling neutral for balance.

The Dark Kitchen

One can create a contemporary kitchen design by taking a minimalist approach to a colored kitchen. The combination of the warm wood cabinets with white marble countertops and gold hardware help in creating the above look. Another take on this is using the dark teal/grey cabinets with copper and white accessories. Woodcraft International, a Leading interior designing company in India suggests adding black appliances and white marble backdrop to complement the cabinets. Lastly, one can combine warm and cool tones by using the soft grey cabinets, white marble countertops, and the wood island countertop to create an alluring contemporary look for the kitchen design.
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