How to Create Your Own Chateau Moment At Home

Who doesn’t prefer comfort in their own homes? But is comfort all that matters? Why not give your space a small touch of magic or what we call creating the ‘Chateau Moment’ to bring out the best experience you’ve had on a vacation?

We often tend to ignore the little things in our daily lives, presumably those which can bring a smile to our faces. Where interior design is in question, you can always be a little creative with your spaces to create a unique experience for yourselves. Thus, the Chateau Moment. What can be better than recreating the most enjoyable moment you’ve had on a vacation right inside your home?! Let’s dive deep into the how’s and what’s of creating the Chateau Moment.

Apply practicality to the space:

When one begins to style, practicality is the one of the most essential ingredients to consider. Setting up a space for successful lounging is the key to comfort. While creating a space to relax, one has to create something comfortable. Woodcraft International, – a leading architecture and interior design brand in Delhi suggests using the space-saving furniture which are innovative modular furniture designs with at least two functions. For instance, one can invest in versatile pieces of chairs or benches with cushions that can function in both kitchen table and living room depending on the number of guests one has. Adding gold, brass and copper work paired with jewel-tone colors like emerald green, ruby red, yellow topaz and sapphire blue can accentuate the room’s appeal and make it look elegant and opulent. A good quality rug can give a cozy aesthetic and adds an element of comfort and warmth.

Layer the linens:

To give the room a feel of finishing one can adds some layering elements. For instance, using a linen tablecloth for covering a modern marble dining table can help in transforming the space and the mood. Layers of texture and patterns are important to create a rich look on a table and can be accomplished with help on linens. Linen can also be used in the broader sense like any fabric or textile. Using elements like a rug, some pillows, a summer blanket, window treatments can elevate any room and finish the elegant look off. Linens are also a really good place to start when one wants to update a space.

Bring in the nature:

The natural and organic appeal of elements makes it welcomed into a space and is essential to creating a grounding moment. Instead of using the fake plants one can forage some flowers from the yard or get them from the grocery store to add a charm on the dining room table, coffee side table or front foyer table. Another safe option is getting the less maintenance hearty plants like tropical and succulents. Natural daylighting can make any room come alive while making the colors pop in the furnishings and can be achieved by adding large doors and windows. A sophisticated flair of dark mahogany flooring in the living room or decor with natural elements such as wood, cotton, leather and seagrass can connect one to the interior. Wood furniture with minimal lines can create show-stopping appeal in kitchen if one prefers a contemporary appeal in interiors  

Using the magic of personal touches:

After covering the elements of comfort, layered linen and adding in the traces of nature, one can finish off by adding the personal touches to the space. Bringing in one’s personality is often overlooked when it comes to designing and styling. This element can be curated by adding a piece that reflects you and that could be artwork, a souvenir brought home from travels, or a fun vintage find. Some examples are gold flatware that feels extra special and can add a feel of elegance, block print napkins that can be used for styling, an antique compote bowl from Italy which can be used for snacking or a vintage vase that can add a sense of beauty to the space. Some other meaningful and personal touches can be decor with family photos to create a cohesive and beautiful space, incorporating family heirlooms to honor the history of the piece or displaying travel mementos to relive the memories.
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