Six Outdoor LIVING trends to try in 2021 by Woodcraft International

Having an outdoor space designed has become more and more important in the past 2 years because of the pandemic and worldwide confinement. During these times, when we stayed home for months, people started noticing the smallest of the things that would make them feel better and life would not feel monotonous. People started focusing more on developing their own space. May it be their work space, house, personal room, garden or an outdoor space. The importance of going out in fresh air outside the house increased during these difficult times.

Woodcraft International, leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India, focused on giving a fresh, motivating outdoor space by decorating and developing it more.


Explore the Natural Materials:

Natural materials, like organic cotton, wool, wood, rattan etc add texture and interest to a backyard. They create visual contrast with typical garden materials like concrete and stone and are perfect to combine with greenery. Woven lanterns, rattan furniture, terracotta pots, indoor rug, dinnerware and planters are few of the beautiful additions from natural material one can add. Wooden climbing frames, balance beams and sandpits, are all great options if you want to create a mini kids zone. Increased environmental awareness is one of the reasons if you want to shift to more natural materials and an eco-friendly and sustainable way to do it is furniture crafted from recycled or ethically harvested materials.

Light it up!

Lighting is an essential element to highlight a space. Woodcraft International, a leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India suggests including outdoor lamps in the architecture as they help in general lighting and add style, authenticity, and a warm feel. Another great tip is mixing different light sources to make the outdoor living space stand out even at night. But one must look for outdoor-friendly and weather-resistant options. A beautiful way of lighting the outdoors is lining the area with outdoor string lights or adding lights or lanterns that hang from trees for a warm glow after the sun goes down.

Add feathery Friends

Rugs and Pillows are an easy way to add color to your outdoor spaces. Carpets and cushions are the perfect complements to add layers of textures and to increase the comfort level. Throw pillows, seat cushions, upholstered poufs, and other accessories provide a better solution to change the color scheme of your interior design without completely starting over. Blue and green is one of the popular duos in pillows and cushions and one can find pillows with that mix in almost every shop. Rugs can be used to add color and pattern to your backyard.

Bring in a creative touch using Plants

Container gardens are one of the best outdoor living trends one can apply. If you have a limited space, hanging baskets and a variety of planters can make up for lack of greenery. These lush green leaves help set off the bright white furniture and colorful outdoor pillows and brighten the outdoor space with colorful containers. Woodcraft International, a leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India suggests adding pots in various colors, sizes, and textures to add dimension to your outdoor space. Decorating the fence with suspended flower pots and placing large containers with a wide range of plants adds color to the garden.

Bold Statement Pieces

Here's your unique chance to break your theme or to go bold by adding catchy and eye striking furniture pieces in your outdoor space. This will bring authenticity as well as add a spark of shine outside your house. May it be a coffee table with chairs, lamps, few big plant vases or just a simple table in your patio, it will become your style statement developing your outside house area. Woodcraft International adds the perfect bold piece which may always seem missing in your backyard or at your entrance - giving it a shiny and bright look. You can convert your outdoor space into your work space within nature by adding plants and a table and chair. To sit in your outdoor space, working everyday will save you from living that monotonous life too.

Enhance using Geometrical Patterns

Adding patterns in your spaces adds up to your principle of consistency. It spreads energy all around your spaces. Adding patterns not only maintains cohesion amongst the indoor and outdoor space but also allows you to go different by still following the same style or same theme as of your indoor spaces. Balancing out your patterns by including geometric patterns as well as free ones like floral, natural green etc you can have a unique touch which would make your outdoor space appear more authentic and different yet on the same lines as of your indoor space in terms of style and color theme. Outdoor spaces are planned on your outside the box thinking. Go bold, go different and make your outdoor space look authentic. Add furniture, elements or patterns to your patio or backyard and expand your space outdoors as well!
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