The Magic of Contemporary Bedrooms by Woodcraft International

Woodcraft International provides a detailed view of some intriguing concepts that define modern bedrooms and the secret behind their beauty.

Modern interiors bestow great importance on human emotions and architects constantly strive to touch the human senses to achieve the best possible experience. Very often, we come across modern interiors that are dominated by large spaces and neutral colours. Ever wondered why the combination works out well?

Woodcraft International , a leading architecture and design brand in India, understands the differences between traditional and contemporary interiors. Thus, by combining the right elements from both, the brand aims to offer the best possible experience to the users.

Today, Woodcraft International takes a brief look at the current trends in modern bedrooms and the experience they entail.

1. Nature at its best

The primary motive of interior design for bedrooms is to provide a great sense of comfort and calmness of the mind. Green being one of the freshest natural colours on earth, architecture considers it as one of the best elements in calm and soothing spaces like bedrooms. One of the contemporary ideas is to have the maximum number of windows or ventilation points. Ideally for farmhouses, the motive behind this concept is to capture the freshness of nature which is unmatched. In addition, the other elements like furniture and colour scheme of the bedroom should be minimal and clean. Lesser the elements and cleaner the space, better is the effect of the concept.

2. Light it up!

The lighting system in any form of architecture plays a great role in deciding the mood of the space. For contemporary bedrooms, LED lighting is very common. This system brings to life the furniture and other special elements in the bedroom like vase, photo frames and any other art. Choosing the right colours also makes a lot of difference. Usually tints of yellow are preferred by architects due to the warmth that the colour provides. Moreover, modern bedrooms also feature integrated lighting systems which introduce a whole new dimension to the space.

3. Textured walls

Patterns and textures add physical comfort and visual interest to your space. The textured wall can create a depth and unify your whole interior scheme. With a perfect amount of lighting and a calming color palette, a textured wall can make a space into a normal space into the bedroom you always wanted.

4. A touch of bold colour

In one of Walnut's previous articles, colour palette was the point of focus which not only helped us understand the importance of choosing a perfect colour with the help of colour wheel and colour palette. Embracing the bold accent color gives the final topping to your new space with a balanced color palette for the rest of the walls. A neutral colour palette is something which can not only Make your space look bigger but it can also add a vibe of positivity. Adding a bold colour to your neutral palette can highlight your space and give a new meaning to your interior design. It can represent a part in you and add that same essence in your interior design.

5. Minimalist interior design

Interiors with bare essentials and simplistic design are in trend in today's modern interior design palette. Minimalism is something that is in trend when you want it to be. Decluttered spaces, one colored walls, simple furniture makes up for the most classy way of lifestyle with the least surroundings. The minimalist interior design in the bedroom helps build a better and organised lifestyle with some symmetry, stress free spaces and a fresher air to breathe. It is a trend that can never go out of fashion.

6. Dress up the walls up in natural materials

Adding wood textures into the space can bring in depth and dimension to the bedroom. Light touches of wood on the walls or wooden furniture can help in achieving different levels of aesthetic charm while giving an organic warmth to an interior design. Marble gives a luxury look to the architecture and is a great way to reflect lighting along with making the space appear bigger. Marble accent pieces add elegance and tranquility into the bedroom and can be introduced without having to renovate or make significant changes to existing decor.

7. Display statement art

A statement piece of artwork whether it's a sculpture, photograph, or colourful painting creates visual interest in the bedroom. Woodcraft International, a leading architecture and design brand in India used a set of abstract paintings in their Rubics cube room project which compliments the aesthetics of the room and creates balance
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