Tips for choosing the PERFECT color palette for your home

Colours are so important in our lives. We associate colours to different things, events, situations and so many more elements. It's the first thing that catches our attention visually.
Colours are vital to maintain cohesion in a workplace, to define your style and your uniqueness. Colours not just define your personality but also evoke your mood and your emotions. So it is essential that you adapt to the colours that suit you and your space.
Woodcraft International, leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India, is here as always to help you get started with a few tips and steps on choosing your colour palette for your home.

Step on with neutral colours:

To start with your base and primary colour, neutral colours go the best. It's a safe selection and the best selection. Every colour palette of a space is made up of neutral colours and accent colours. When you choose neutral colours, you build up a base to your colour theme of your space. You can then later add accent colours and bold colours to go perfectly with your neutral colour. These sets of colours act as backdrop to your space and have 2 types - warm neutrals and cold neutrals. Woodcraft International helps you to go for the best based on your style, theme, furniture and other space details.

Next step "Accent colours"

These types of colours put an emphasis on your base colour, contradict it and bring life to your space by highlighting not just your colour palette but most importantly other elements in your room. Accent colours give a composition, dynamism and contrast to your space. It is not imposed that these colours should be bold, contrast or vibrant, but these are the set of colours that perfectly complement your neutral colour by adding it's value as well as giving a completely new look to your room.

Small makes a Big Difference

It is always suggested to start small. Instead of bearing heavy expenses in paints and furniture to go with it, it is recommended to begin with a smaller room. This will allow you to acclimatise to change, after which you can proceed to the entire room. Along with the paints, you will get ample time and opportunity to buy and match furniture that will match the paints. Another way of trying out the paints is to put on layers and compare them, and accordingly choose the preferred one.

Trial and error:

While choosing a right colour palette it's essentially that you try it on a bigger scale first. Sometimes colours appear to be very different in a colour guide book than on the actual wall. While setting up the final colours it's always recommended to try it on any side of a wall - 2 coats of colours just the way you would apply during your final project. Take into consideration it's looks in natural light as well as at night. Before going for the final selection, it is always better that you try out your options and analyse them considering all the other elements such as the light in the room, the theme of your room, home decor pieces etc just so that it would adapt well.
FAlong with colours it is necessary to consider the furniture that would go with it. When we say that the furniture must go with the selected paints, we do not think of merely the colours of the furniture. The entire spacing between the furniture, the tiles, fixtures, lights and logistic use of the furniture is also to be considered for effective interior design.
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