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Check out this post by Woodcraft International on how to select a wallpaper which is the best fit for your space according to your needs.

Wallpapers play an extremely important role. May those be the ones of your phone, of your work desktop or those in your living room. They have a direct effect on your mood on a day to day basis. Woodcraft international, a leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India, offers a great variety of wallpapers starting from the ones that would make you feel motivated for work to the ones which make you feel at home and calm in your room.

Let's get you a pro in selecting the perfect wallpapers suiting your purpose and your space just the way you want it.

Knowing your space:

The foremost thing when it comes to selecting a wallpaper is knowing your room's size, the basic measurements like the height, then the natural/artificial light in your room and other elements present such as the furniture, your room's decor etc. If you want to go for a wallpaper in one of your small spaces, you have to make sure you go with a light toned color palette and with a minimum complex pattern. Usually for small spaces, it's not always recommended to go for a wallpaper. Choose a space which has the best visual attention focused, where you have enough room to think about a great wallpaper suiting your needs. For large spaces you have a lot of options open with respect to design, pattern, images or even on multiple walls for that matter. But remember to not over do it and keep solid colored walls to have a good effect on your wallpaper in your space. While evaluating your space, it is also essential that you pick the right wall - a visible and a visually appealing one. It should attract your attention immediately even if it is one of the backdrops in the room. Woodcraft International helps you make sure to choose a wall that highlights the focal point within the room.  

Going for the right color:

While choosing a wallpaper you also want to make sure that you go for the perfect color - again, considering the aspects of your space (the size, your furniture, the natural light etc). While choosing colors it is important that you know your taste and style - to add your personal touch to the room. Light tones in a wallpaper will make your room more spacious and luminous. It is exactly similar to that of choosing a color to paint your walls. It is a part of interior design - evaluating all aspects at each step of your home decor. When you go for one theme or a concept for your room, stick with it throughout. For example, while going for a minimalistic theme, you would want your wallpaper to keep up with it too. Going for a more bold wallpaper in this case might disturb your room’s style. Choose a wallpaper whose colors, design, texture and pattern will complement your room decor- Starting from the right color palette.

Getting your motif on point:

Apart from choosing a color and evaluating your space, choosing the right pattern and design which will complement your space’s architectural as well as decor theme will make it easier to fit in and look gracious. Patterns define and emphase style. They not only have a significance towards the room’s decor but also reflects on you as a person. The right pattern will make you and your room stand out and highlight your personality. For example if your personal as well as room’s style is more towards modern and minimalism, go for a more textured, single color (bold color would fit too) and a wallpaper with less design (less of complex patterns or floral style). Taking texture into consideration is as important as the pattern and the color of the wallpaper. Texture gives you a rustic feel or more of a natural touch.

Wallpaper’s material:

Woodcraft International has a variety of materials available in wallpapers. To name a few - there is Printed, Vinyl, Fabric, Paper, etc. Right material is important such as no material is better than the other, it just depends on what you prefer and the room in which you are setting up the wallpaper. For example if you go for the bathroom or Kid’s room, Vinyl goes best since it can be washed and is also resistant to humidity. Here you wouldn’t want to select a paper wallpaper and ruin it. Similarly if you opt for the fabric one, it would best go in your personal room where you can take care of it perfectly yet make it stand out and add comfort in your room. To conclude, there are many other aspects while choosing a wallpaper, but the few listed above give you the edge to look like a professional and put your home decor efforts into place by complimenting them with a perfect wallpaper. Woodcraft international takes a step forward to make sure you make the right choice. Going for a wallpaper which not only suits your room but also reflects best on your personality is important and essential. You can either disturb your room’s full decor or add up to the best of it by choosing the right wallpaper.  
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