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When we talk about home decor, each and every element that surrounds us contributes in our little space with its own functionality and uniqueness of its design. Elements or pieces of furniture add the special touch to the Interior Design we have been building up.

We, at Walnut Studio - the leading luxury furniture manufacturer in India and a sister firm for Woodcraft International, have brought you the 10 best Iconic Chairs you could own or you must know for your space. These chairs are not luxury per say but add a bit of the luxury element in your living area giving it a classy look.

Wishbone Chair:

A Scandinavian style piece which highlights the modern Danish design look, this Wishbone chair is manufactured with more than 100 steps, most of it being handmade. This masterpiece is known for its aesthetics, comfort and stability making it elegant and distinctive. This chair definitely adds warmth in your room. The chair is said to have a life cycle of about 50 years and was a design by Hans Wegner in 1949

Egg Chair

A special edition designed for hotel reception, lobbies, common work spaces - this is a design in a Jacobsen Style which might be visually familiar but not by the name. This chair is commonly known as the Egg. This style of chair has a natural comfort and a free style of fitting into formal spaces with an elegant look. A variety of Fabric and leather is available to select combined with a pop colors variety to choose from.

Panton Chair

The panton chair or as commonly known the S shaped chair is also a Danish design from the 1960s by Verner Panton. It is the classic in the history of furniture and the only furniture piece then to be manufactured in one single piece. This comfortable, innovative designed chair can be used in any space, may it be your personal room or living room or a professional work space for that matter. Due to its unique expressive design, this chair is a perfect fit in contemporary design spaces.

The Diamond Chair

A classic work of steel and stylishness, the diamond chair was introduced by Harry Bertoia with an innovative design in the 1950s where almost all the chairs were made out of rigid wood. The concept of making space and air one with the help of furniture for home decor, this unique design was introduced which created a floating effect by its design and the visually light weight effect. This chair is ideal for small spaces adding a touch of luxury.

The Barcelona Chair

The icon of the modern movement, the barcelona chair not only represents elegance but also a deceptively simple style with clean lines by using modern materials in making. With the minimalist approach i.e less is enough or less is more, this chair had exceptional craftsmanship with an elegant design. This chair stands out in the living room or in a work space giving out an industrial feel yet super comfortable to own in a living room.

The Tulip Chair

A Eero Saarinen design from the 1957s is a modernist style designed chair with experimental material use, innovative design and smooth lines. This is a classic industrial design which, by its name, resembles like the tulip flower blooming. It is a perfect fit for dining tables or office desk chairs because of its simple and comfy design. This chair is commonly known for its futuristic appearance.
And just like that with so much of interesting information we have 6 beautiful chairs that fit in your space in one way or the other. There are chairs for every design and every theme you go for in your interior design project. There's the rustic one, minimalistic one, fancy one, the one that suits all the themes and so many more. Walnut Studio has a wide range of such iconic chairs to help you find the right choice which will suit you and your place the best. And this doesn't end here. There are many more such chair designs to fit all your needs and wants. If you found this article useful, kindly visit for more such insightful content on interior designs.
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