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Ever felt the urge to fix a slightly tilted frame on the wall? Or, even had a pattern of keeping your things in a certain systematic order? In one way or another, humans tend to prefer a certain order. The human brain tries to identify such order and tends to lean towards such designs, patterns and colors. This has played a major role in impacting the evolution of designs and more specifically the industrial look-based designs. On one hand the concept of industrial look is influenced by human brain siding with the order in design and on the other hand it has led to an advent of a completely fresh and unconventional set of decors. Having a rusty bare look has now become the modern style everyone craves for. Going for the minimalistic design is one concept that can be followed and incorporated in this industry style which indeed has been opted by Woodcraft International - a leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India. Few of the many industrial look-based design concepts are discussed below.

Steels & Metals

The entire concept of Industrial look based design revolves around involvement of more metallic and steel based equipment and furniture. It is the most obvious, most important and most convincing feature to bring about such a look. Everything from lamps to drawers could be given a metallic look making the interiors extremely aesthetic. In case of rooms with high ceilings, such rooms could also have tall metal windows, which will not only look visually appealing but will add to the freshness of the idea.

Paint in Black

Well, we can’t do without black, white, and grey in a theme that has its basis from “Industrial look”. Like we discussed, the interiors will have a certain order and pattern with respect to the colors that are being used, and at the same time this theme in itself will offer a very unconventional look. From floors to doors, everything can follow these staples of style – black, white and grey. This follows the concept of minimalism. Single color-based themes throughout the room could not only be implemented in home decors but can be applied to corporate offices or firms as well. We have well known chains of restaurants in India following this trend as well. Even artifacts and individual pieces of furniture could have this theme. This kind of “order” gives a more soothing and organized look to the room.

Incomplete is Better

Another way of achieving an appealing Industrial look is by letting go of the finishing touches. For instance, leaving bricks, ducts, and pipes exposed. This too follows the concept of minimalism. In case, the client prefers a complete set up due to logistical preferences, this design saves time by giving your space an aesthetic look in no time. This not only saves your spending but also gives your space a chic industrial look - bare yet classy. It will give you an aesthetic look which you would have got after spending a lot of money on redesigning each and every corner into the modern style. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to check and consult your professional interior designer regarding the feasibility and safety of opting for this particular industrial look.

Upcycling your space

Upcycling in interior design vocabulary means collecting components of a redundant object and creating a new look out for it by changing its utility to something better or simply making it useful to some extent. This does not mean refurbishing your old furniture to give it a new look but it just means selecting a certain furniture and giving it a value of utility with its original aesthetic. A simple example to explain it would be to take a tin of some packed processed food and use that tin to plant small saplings in it after its original utility has gone. To make it useful to some other thing by keeping its old look the same is called upcycling. Upcycling gives your interior an industrial touch by using the same old material for something new.
We have, so far, seen multiple designs and styles of interior design, but a style with the least budget yet with the most visual value is that of industrial look-based designs. Woodcraft International, the interior design brand in India, makes sure that you don't miss out on such an important style which never goes out of trend. Woodcraft International takes into consideration the architectural style for incorporating an industrial interior design style which means it follows the pattern to not only make the style adaptable to be incorporated but also safe enough to go through with it.
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