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The man behind this company, Shri. Rajiv Sethi is a well-known personality because of the progress that Woodcraft International has seen in such short span of time. His story is no different than any other successful businessman's, who has risen to new heights with his core hard work and responsibility. After a row of ciphers only, it was possible to grow organically. When we talk about growth and success, we usually cling ourselves to the gloomy side but we forget the hard work and patience which have been invested in the long term. This organic growth has helped his venture flourish over the years. His position in the company has never intermediated with his efforts to bring this company to its apex. He keeps inspecting and examining the progress at work personally, ensuring the quality of the work.

Discipline in his life is the key to his success. The entire team believes in intimating his discipline to take forward the ongoing project. He has created an entire realm and has nurtured it for years. The outcome of which is evident in the form of our clients we have been able to procure with our love and affection.

He ensures that the working area is always full of vivacious and enthusiastic workers. In order to ensure this, the workers are given enough liberty to communicate with our clients. This is a two-way process which helps not only our workers but also our clients. The exchange of thought between the two is of paramount importance for us. For it is this which helps us implement and deliver the very impression of their requirements imparted by our clients.


Not only the founder or company employees should know about the work and profile of the company but we show our gratitude to every individual who somewhere or the other chose woodcraft. The relationship that we want to create with the accurate bond is of direct relationship where customers are our first priority and persuading their level of satisfaction is other. Operation cycles and very importantly- immediate access to information. There are a couple of services that we offer,

- We are into designing of your relaxing furniture
- Making the best from numbers as well as in the aura of technology
- Amazing interior designs for office place, ho,e, parties, etc.
- Starting from a small chair to maybe a double bed, we keep our designs handy and invest our every minute in detail to our products.
- Knowledge of interior space, materials, and furnishing to create environments that will engage, inspire and cater for the sustainment of an organizations' vision in a competitive marketplace.

Interior trade faces a number of challenges but none is more pressing than the need to keep pace with the rapid advancement in technology.

Designing is a fine balance between art and economics. It is a powerful tool that is used to create not only inspiring spaces but also an environment that plays a pivotal role in the advancement of an organization's ideals.

The diversity in skills and knowledge possessed by our team is unique. For nearly two decades, our designers have successfully delivered interior environments for numerous sectors including workplaces, retails, research, residential and public buildings. As a result of this diversity, our team is able to adapt to any client brief. Whether the design parameters are set by the continuation of an architectural concept or by specific requirements, our designers are able to draw upon their creative flair and extensive

At Woodcraft, we believe in working with our clients to acquire an understanding of their aspirations and the culture they wish to create. Through this understanding, an interior framework is created to capture the vision and respond to the ongoing that underpin a constantly evolving marketplace.

Today, more than seventeen years later WCI(woodcraft International) occupies a leading Position in the office furniture/furnishing market. WCI the carpenter's shop has grown Into the WCI group representing their companies and employing around 100 workers. Its High performance can solve every office furnishing problem with its wide range of product From chairs to the executive office. Almost all segments of the market can be catered for

We have own workshop supervised by experienced staff and with latest machinery carryout woodwork. Our firm is assisted by highly experienced architects/draftsman/engineers to supervise the production at Workshop and site as well.

Woodcraft also have been associated with several multinational corporate houses namely COCA-COLA INDIA INC, DHL General motors, Delphi automotive system, and so many others for the last five years or so and aim to take our business to the extended level where the sky is the limit and customers be our stars!

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