Rubiks Cube

Project Images

“We believe color is the oxygen in a design, brings in the liveliness and vibrancy”. The Rubik’s Cube Home – as the name suggests colorful, chic, symmetrical. Luckily, we and our client were on the same page. Their absolute love for yellow color pushed us through our self-defined boundaries. The entire home is wrapped up in various bold colors and patterns in the shades of yellow, green, browns, and blues. This one is a duplex house spread over 3000 sqft comprising of living room, 4- bedrooms, lobby, kitchen, and dining. The entire furniture was customized to go with the clients Oh so Bold !! design brief. Vibrant wallpapers and upholsteries are seen throughout the bedrooms. There’s a play of varied patterns and textures here and there. Art plays an important role in this one, that is put across various spaces. Since a lot of textures were in play around the entire house, we opted for simple yet colorful silk and sheer drapes. As the client was well-traveled his brief clearly stated the use of yellow sofas and yes! A yellow kitchen. Therefore, a maximalist kitchen design was produced in the combinations of yellow, wine & grey. The dining area has a simplistic design approach with monochrome artworks and a dining table made out of a white marble table and a solid wood base. To maintain a cohesive look, chairs were done in dual colors: silver & wine. YELLOW is the color which ties the entire home as one which could be seen in form of fabrics, partitions, and furniture.

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