Flooring – The foundation step

Check out this post by Woodcraft International on things to consider while choosing flooring for your home and make the right choice.

What is your interior design style? The first step towards building a completely different space is choosing a theme, a style. Woodcraft International, a leading architecture and interior design brand in India, is the go-to company for your journey in this. May it be designing a workspace or a residential area, starting off with style is the vital part that you choose before taking further decisions. With a particular style in mind, it is important to have a color palette in place which will help you complement the next procedures of your interior design. The texture, floor, walls, lighting, and furniture will fall in place eventually once the 2 primary steps are taken.


Starting with style, in interior design the styles change with a change in trend or based on the person’s opinion. Style is clearly a reflection of how a person wants to feel or wants their space to look like. Having a clear type of style in mind will help you find the right color palette, highlight the right aspects of furniture and have a set budget to spend. For example, if you plan to go with the rustic style, having dark wood or raw material floors would build a basic foundation in highlighting your theme. For minimal or Scandinavian style, a light-colored floor will bring a fresh and natural vibe just like expected. Woodcraft International is prepared for all styles starting from modern, minimalist, Scandinavian up to urban, bohemian, and classic.  

Color Coordination:

Colors play an important role while choosing the flooring. Defining a color palette that compliments the furniture of the room can give a headstart in selecting the floor. These colors should work and complement the floor. The palette can match with the general colors and textures one is going to use for furniture, paint, lamps, rugs, and accessories. This essentially helps in narrowing down the flooring color options. Woodcraft International , a leading architecture and Interior Design brand in India suggests going with colors that are in contrast with each other. If one matches the color of the floors to match the color of the furniture and décor, the room looks boring and without depth. Another aspect to consider is the elements that form the space and how they all look together with the future flooring style.


Lighting impacts the overall feeling and mood of the space and how the flooring looks in the home. Home has different layers of lighting from natural lighting through windows to task lighting and accent lighting and they play a large role in how the flooring looks. One can get some floor samples and compare them at home to the color of furniture and walls at different times of the day. If the home does not have enough natural lighting, opting for a lighter floor will help in illuminating the home. Darker floors give a dramatic sense to the interior design style. Just make sure it is properly lighted using a warmer color temperature to accent the flooring which will make the home more welcoming.

Spacious and Bigger rooms

Now, when we talk about a big spacious room, there is very little that one can do with the size of the room unless it's a bungalow with the extra area on the plot. This is where the expertise of an interior designer jumps in. High ceilings and large windows are definitely aesthetically appealing, but in the absence of these could be dealt with certain adjustments. Light-colored walls or flooring, well-organized furniture, and better lighting are a few of such adjustments.  

Functional Characteristics

Utility and aesthetics go hand in hand, even more so when it comes to interior designing. From Office Interiors to interiors of homes, the functionality depends on the needs of the customers. For this, understanding the most important things for the customers are affordability and suitability. In an office environment, they usually use carpet or wooden flooring since it can be cheaply replaced in case of any wear and tear. At homes, it's even more about functionality. For instance, kitchen spaces require water-resistant flooring like vinyl. Bathrooms have tiled walls, requiring specific flooring choices. To make or break your space, flooring is very important in interior design. Building an affordable residence or a workspace with the classiest look is still possible when you have your style, color palette, and flooring plan hand in hand. The rest falls in place automatically. The flooring hence could have a very strong visual impact as well as a strong sense of connection to the newly created space. With flooring, not only it makes your interior plan complete but also adds a touch of your aesthetic vision behind the remodeling.
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